O-Rings and Sealing Products

CNC understands that a $1.00 O-Ring can keep a $500,000.00 machine from producing!

Sealing Products
Single and double-lip oil Seals- Inch and Metric Dust Seals  
V-Rings - Buna and Vinton Scraper Seals  
U-Cup - Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Wiper Seals  
Loaded U-Cups Penta Seals  
SKY- Packing Wear Rings  
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Packings Mechanical Seals  
Labyrinth Rings


(Rebuild kits for select chucks, actuators and pumps)
(Custom kits by request)

Metric and Inch O-Rings Buna
Japanese Standard 70 & 90 Durometer
P,G and S Series Metric Vinton
American Standard Metric Cord
AS Inch Inch and Metric Kits
Teflon Back-Up Rings Quad Rinds or X Rings


CNC stocks all types of O-Rings and sealing products in both inch and metric sizes.